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Advertising In Detroit: Mother's Day Spending Will Set Record

Apr 29, 2023 10:55:24 AM / by Larry Julius

Mother's Day is On May 14th this year. According to per capita data from The National Retail Federation, 2.9 million adult consumers in the Detroit area plan to celebrate the occasion.

Between now and that special Sunday in May, the NRF expects a record $615.5 million to be spent in Detroit to honor all the different moms in consumers' lives. Of those celebrating Mother’s Day, most (57%) are purchasing gifts for a mother or stepmother, followed by a wife (23%) or daughter (12%).

Comparatively speaking, Detroit area consumers will spend 12.6% more to celebrate Monther's Day this year than they did in 2022, which was also a record year.

“Mother’s Day provides Americans with an opportunity to honor important women in their lives,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “As people make plans to celebrate this year, retailers are prepared to help shoppers find gifts of appreciation and admiration for those they want to recognize on this special day.”

Almost half of all Mother's Day spending in the Detroit area will fall into three categories:

  1. Jewelry: $134,482,706
  2. Special Outing: $96,551,686
  3. Electronics: $68,965,490

The other half of Mother's Day spending includes purchases of gift cards, clothing, flowers, personal services, housewares, books, and greeting cards.

The challenge for Detroit area retailers, however, is keeping a significant share of these Mother's Day dollars in local cash registers and out of the coffers of online sellers and department stores. Right now, according to the NRF, those two retail channels will gobble up almost 68% of all spending.

To earn a larger share of Mother's Day spending, local small business owners will need to advertise to convince Detroit consumers of the benefits of buying from local companies.  By almost every marketing metric, the best way to advertise is on Detroit radio.

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Mother's Day Spending In Detroit Will Top $438 Million In 2022

Apr 21, 2022 6:06:13 PM / by Larry Julius

Eighty-four percent of all adults say they will celebrate Mother's Day in 2022. Based on per capita forecasts from the National Retail Federation (NRF), Southeast Michigan consumers are expected to spend $438 million on the moms in their lives. This is a 13% increase over last year.

“Consumers are eager to find memorable ways to honor their mothers and other important women in their lives and are willing to spend a little extra on this sentimental holiday,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

The NRF spending projections indicate that Detroit consumers will spend $96.4 million on jewelry and another $72.9 million on special outings such as dinner or brunch. This will be the highest level of Mother's Day spending ever in these categories.

Here is how this large pool of Mother's Day cash in Detroit is expected to be distributed by all retail categories.

The NRF research indicates that men will outspend women 3-to-1 this year on Mother's Day gifts. Most of these dollars will go towards presents for their moms, stepmoms, and wives.

Of all the money spent, Detroit consumers are expected to spend 36% online, 30% at department stores, 27% at specialty stores, and 23% at local small businesses.

To compete for a share of record-high Mother's Day spending this year, local business owners will need to advertise. By most key marketing metrics, the best way to reach holiday shoppers is by advertising on Detroit radio.

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Advertising In Detroit: Reach Mother's Day Shoppers

Feb 25, 2020 2:35:15 PM / by Larry Julius

As Valentine's Day becomes a sweet memory, that's when Metro Detroit small business owners start thinking about Mom.

Mother's Day, which happens on the second Sunday of May, is second only to Christmas in terms of holiday spending. Last year, Southeast Michigan consumers spent more than $345-million celebrating the women in their lives. That number is expected to grow again in 2020.

To claim a significant share of this Mother's Day cash, local retailers and restaurants will need to advertise.  By almost every key metric, advertising on Detroit radio is the best choice.

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