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Coronavirus: Advertising In Detroit For Small Business Survival

Mar 24, 2020 3:48:38 PM / by Larry Julius

Advertising In Detroit: CoronavirusMetro Detroit small business owners are fighting the coronavirus battles on multiple fronts.  Their first objective is to keep their families and employees safe. Then, of course, there are the concerns of keeping their businesses healthy enough to survive current disruptions.

The business literature has an abundance of case studies showing how survival is often connected to a thoughtful communications and marketing strategy during challenging times.  

Business owners need to let Southeast Michigan consumers know if they are still open. If their hours have changed. Or if they are providing alternative shopping methods (e.g., delivery, curbside pick-up).

Most importantly, it is imperative consumers know that a business will still be there for them when the crisis is over.

For those owners who are depending on communication to preserve their business, the best option may be to advertise on Detroit radio.

Each week, more adult consumers are reached by Detroit radio than by local TV, newspapers, social media, or streaming audio sites like Pandora or Spotify.

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Social-distancing, self-quarantines, and working-from-home have not diminished Detroit radio's dominance. Just the opposite is true.

A research company, NuVoodoo, has been tracking daily media habits since the outbreak of Coronavirus. They report, as of March 19, that 32% of consumers say they are using radio more since the crisis began.

For Metro Detroit small business owners who understand the importance of advertising during the crisis, ensuring their message is presented in an environment that invokes credibility is crucial.  Local radio has had many decades to earn the trust of consumers:

  • The Pew Research Center indicates that local radio is still the way 79% of consumers get their local news.
  • The Gallup Organization reports that 65% of consumers trust the accuracy of the news and information they receive from local radio. This is significantly higher than the trust given to cable news and the nightly network news.

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Consumers' trust in Detroit radio, and by extension its advertisers, stems from the credibility of the local, on-air personalities.
  • A Katz Media Group study reveals that 81% of consumers  consider radio DJ’s a friend, family member or an acquaintance.
  • A Critical/MARU, study says, 83% of radio listeners value and trust their favorite personality’s opinions.
  • A USC, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, study indicates that 49% of consumers report that DJ recommendations increase the perceived value of brands, products, and services

In addition to reach and trust, advertising on Detroit radio provides local small business owners with a very high return on investment.

Over the past few years, Nielsen has conducted over 20 studies to determine what type of return-on-investment (ROI) a business can expect from radio advertising.  Although the results varied by industry, the average company generated $100 in sales for ever $10 invested.  Turning dimes into dollars.

The chart below shows the range of returns from each study.

Advertising In Detroit: Return On Investment

AdAge, a trade magazine for advertising professionals, calls these types of return "eye-popping".  The magazine goes on to say radio's ROI is superior to commercials on TV, online, and social media.

Additionally, for Southeast Michigan small business owners who are concerned about cash-flow, local radio provides many affordable options including

  • Short-length commercials for a fraction of the cost of a 60-second commercial but with similar effectiveness
  • Time slots outside of prime-time that are considerably less expensive but still reach large audiences
  • No or low production costs allowing business owners to change commercials  quickly as messaging needs change

Advertising on Detroit radio has helped many small business owners survive depressions, recessions, and natural disasters. It can help overcome the challenges and chaos of the Coronavirus as well.

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