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Detroit Radio: Which Stations Do Local Consumers Prefer?

Jan 25, 2021 1:31:54 PM / by Larry Julius

Advertising In Detroit Radio Format Preferences 2020There are 33 radio stations in Southeast Michigan. Each provides a unique format of news, sports, music, entertainment, and inspiration. Some stations broadcast in English. Others serve Spanish speakers. Some stations cater to millennials. Others appeal to Baby Boomers.  No doubt, there is a local radio station that fulfills the preferences of every listener.

Each week, according to Nielsen, 3.1 million adults tune-in to their favorite Detroit radio stations. This is more people than watch local TV, cable, or streaming channels. This is more than use Facebook and Instagram. This is more than read newspapers or connect to Pandora and Spotify. 

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Despite the abundance of Detroit radio stations to choose between, Nielsen reports that, on average, adult consumers only listen to three each week.  So, which stations do local consumers choose?

According to Nielsen, among all adults, the Detroit radio stations that are tuned-in most are formatted for adult-contemporary music, classic-rock music, and country music.

Advertising On Detroit Radio: Formats-Adults

Segmenting for adult men only, the types of radio tuned-in to look a bit different. They listen to less adult contemporary and country. They are more likely, though, to prefer classic rock and news/talk stations.Advertise On Detroit Radio Formats-Men 18+

There is a visible gender difference when comparing what men listen to and the Detroit radio stations women select.  Female listeners have less interest in news/talk stations and classic rock.  They are more likely to favor country, adult-contemporary or pop-contemporary-hit formats.Advertise On Detroit Radio Formats-Women

Advertise In Detroit: Success GuideEvery week, more millennials, too, are reached by Detroit radio than all other media. Reaching this generation is critical to the success of many advertising campaigns because it accounts for almost one-third of all local consumer spending.

Advertising In Detroit Reaching Millennials 2020

Compared to the overall adult audience, millennial listeners have a greater affinity for radio stations that offer pop-contemporary-hit music as well as rhythmic-adult-contemporary and urban-contemporary music.Advertise On Detroit Radio Format-Millennials

Radio's continued reach superiority among Metro Detroit adults is fueled by in-car listening. According to a study by Edison Research, AM/FM stations are still the overwhelming choice of media for drivers.

Advertise In Detroit In Car Radio Listening

In addition to dominance on the dashboard, listeners are also using newer technologies to access their favorite Detroit radio stations.

Edison Research has found that, currently, 10% of all listening to local radio happens on streaming devices.  This has doubled in just the past six years.

According to Triton Digital, a company that measures online audio use, 22% of all AM/FM radio streaming occurs on smart speakers. These devices include Google Home and Amazon Echo. 

Forty-eight percent of streamed listening to AM/FM radio happens on mobile devices such as iPhones and Android devices.  The remainder of listening happens on other devices including, desktop computers and tablets.

Audiences for many media have splintered as technology allows choices to multiply.  Southeast Michigan radio listeners, however, remain loyal as they discover new ways to access their favorite stations across a variety of devices.

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